Baby Prestige recruits childcare professionals to work full-time with children from families living in the same neighborhood, on a share care mode, thus allowing them to split the cost in half. Such requests are becoming more common, we decided to further recruitment, to connect families who often struggle to find each other by themselves. Through Baby Prestige, both families divide the agency fees and the salary of the nanny.

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Two solutions are available to families:

  1. Be the employer of the nanny. The two families will simply pay the agency fees of 299.00 euros (per family). These fees can be deducted at 50% from taxes if declared in France. 
  1. Both families wish to delegate all paperwork to Baby Prestige. We will remain the employer and will handle all the steps (hiring, contract, pay slips, payroll taxes, etc.). The agency fees cost 249.00 euros per Family and you would pay Baby Prestige the wages (please contact us for a pricing proposal but as an estimate, it would be about 10-12 euros/hour per family, all included). All fees are 50% tax deductible.

Good to know: If Baby Prestige remains the employer, be aware that the cost of the salary will cost you about 25% more  than if you are the employer. Why? Because it will add the cost of VAT of 20% (the family does not pay if they are the direct employer) and the cost of administrative work Baby Prestige performs each month (about 5%).