Chloé C. 1

Chloé C.

“Attentive and dynamic, I am ready to make your children experience unforgettable moments during your outings!”

Date of birth: 29/04/2002
Nationality: French
I work in: French Riviera
Mother tongue: French
Good knowledge of: English, Italian

Diplomas: Animation capacity diploma (BAFA – 2019); First Aid Diploma (PSC1 – 2014)

Driver’s license and I have a car

June 2022: Animation of a birthday party for a 6-year-old girl. I set up a treasure hunt as well as other games/animations. I ensured the game’s smooth running and the children’s safety.

From April to June 2021: I looked after a 4-year-old child in Antibes from Monday to Friday, in the morning and the evening. I woke him up in the morning, prepared his breakfast, dressed him, and took him to school. In the evening, I would pick him up from school, give him his bath, play with him, prepare dinner and make him eat before his parents came home from work.

September to November 2020: I was an animator in a children’s playground, I ensured the safety of the children in the structure and organized the birthdays (arrival of the cake, table service, cooking…).

Since 2020: I take care of a 1.5-year-old boy and his 4-year-old sister in Antibes when their parents go out. I am mainly present at the end of the day for dinner and bedtime, I read stories and play with the children. During the day, I also accompanied the children on bike rides and out to the playground.

2019-2022: I am an animator in the leisure centers of Antibes during the summer season. Mainly with children in kindergarten (3 to 5 years old). I take care of their physical and emotional safety while providing them with unforgettable memories of their holidays with various activities (manual, intellectual, sports).

About me: I am the eldest in my family and my first babysitting started at the age of 9 with my little sister. Since the age of 5 I have been skiing competitively, and I have also been in a boarding school in Saint-Etienne de Tinée, which taught me the values of autonomy, cohesion, and perseverance. Moreover, since I was 17, I have been a leader in the leisure centers of the town of Antibes, which has allowed me to organize many activities: big games (treasure hunt), sports courses, memory, cooking (creation of honey lollipops)… But also to know the rhythm of a child’s life and to understand all his needs.