Our center 1

Our center

Opened in February 2020, our Ludo-educational center offers a more qualitative alternative to the traditional summer camp; indeed, the children are in small groups (6-8 approximately), our room thought of as a large children’s room allowing the children to feel “like home”. Our management team is stable throughout the year which allows better monitoring, rather leaning on positive education, we want to encourage children to develop in their potential and in what they like and always praise to give them confidence. Numerous workshops are set up (sciences, English, sophrology, plastic arts), numerous cultural outings (theatre, museum, visits to monuments, etc.)

The reception on Wednesdays and school holidays is open to children from the small section.

Our center is located on line 13 of the Paris metro, Chatillon-Montrouge stop.

Do not hesitate to send us an email or call us at 01 47 36 64 52 for any information.