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Yay Wednesday

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We welcome your children from Kindergarden up to fifth grade in our center located 11 avenue Saint-Exupéry 92320 Chatillon every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, except on French bank holidays and school breaks.

We can welcome up to 15 children, 4 leaders will be supervising them.

Our ” Yay Wednesday” program starts at 8am and ends at 7:30pm. 

Is included in our rate a balanced snack, outings, entrance tickets if we go on a visit, and different workshops through the year.

The lunch, on the other hand, has to be provided by parents, bringing for each child a lunch box, that can be put in the fridge and micro-waved only by the Baby Prestige staff. Parents are responsible for what’s included in their child’s meal.

RATES (-10% from the 2nd child)

Annual membership (10 month) 
Every Wednesday 8am-7:30pm 289€ / month (6,79€/h)**
Every Wednesday, half day* 139€ / month (7,51€/h)**
* 8am-2pm or 2:30-7:30pm ** deductible from taxes

Specific needs
5 Wednesdays 8am-7:30pm 435€ (7,56€/h)**
5 Wednesdays half-day* 195€ ( 7,80€/h)**
1 Wednesday 8am-7:30pm 97€ ( 8,43€/h)**
1 Wednesday half-day* 43€ (8,60€/h)**
* 8am-2pm or 2:30-7:30pm ** deductible from taxes

Yay Wednesday 3

PRICING MODE Annual subscription (10 months: September-June) The prices of our annual subscriptions (10 months) were calculated on the basis of an observed average of 3.7 weeks of school per month during the school year and therefore remain the same for each month of the school year. Holidays and public holidays are not included in the subscriptions.

Yay Wednesday 3


  • 50% tax credit as a form of childcare outside the home, up to a limit of 2,300€ declared per child under 6 years of age and per year.
  • Possible care by a Works Council as a form of childcare and leisure for children.
  • Payment by CESU (Universal Service Employment Check)
Yay Wednesday 3


Any registration is validated by the payment of the chosen formula. In the event of an unjustified cancellation of a medical certificate, 48 hours before the scheduled date of the child’s presence, the service will be invoiced. No reimbursement is provided for annual subscriptions in the event of absence.

In case of termination of the annual subscription during the school year, families must inform the center with 3 months’ notice, and pay for these months of service, regardless of the reason for Baby Prestige’s departure. In the event of non-compliance by the parents with their obligations arising from the internal regulations, and despite a dialogue with the family which has remained ineffective, the establishment reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time.