Baby-sitter 1


PRESENTATION : Whether your usual baby-sitter is not available, or you just need an evening without the children, we provide services to your home or hotel room. Our sitters are carefully selected, speak many different langages, are reliable, energetic and creative, and will take care of everything during your time out ( bathing, eating, playing, going to the park, etc).

If you want to select the sitter yourself and want to be their employer you can find our baby-sitters bios here on the baby-sitters page- To access their contact information, please subscribe to our offer (79,90€/months) – once logged in, their contact information will appear on their profile.

Otherwise, just fill out the form below and we will take care of everything. Before the service we will send you the baby-sitter’s bio.

Rates in France 35€/h from Monday to Saturday, 3h minimum of charge and 45€/h on Sundays and Bank holidays; 70€/h on New year’s eve after 6pm . If the baby-sitter leaves your home/ hotel room after 10pm, please provide her 30€ for her taxi fees. (these fees are deductible from your taxes if you pay them in France).

Rates in London : £30/h, 3h minimum of charge and £45/h on Bank holidays; £60/h on New year’s eve after 6pm . If the baby-sitter leaves your home/ hotel room after 10pm, please provide her £30 for her taxi fees.

  • Linda J. 2

    Linda J.

    Date of birth: 18/08/2000

    Mother tongue: French
    I speak fluently: English, French
  • Nesrine K. 3

    Nesrine K.

    Date of birth: 21/03/1993
    Nationality: Algerian
    Language : French & Arabic
    Other language: English
  • Anais E. 4

    Anais E.

    Date of birth: 07/09/1991

    Mother tongue, French, Khmer (Cambodia)
    I speak fluently French, Khmer and English
  • Enola D. 5

    Enola D.

    Date of birth: 01/24/2001
    Nationality: French
    Mother tongue: French
    Language spoken fluently: English
    Good knowledge in German and Italian
    Qualifications: BAFA Youth work diploma
  • Sara R. 7

    Sara R.

    Date of Birth : 25/01/1994

    Mother tongue : French
    Other languages : English, Italian
  • Jade H. 8

    Jade H.

    Date of Birth : 4 June 1999
    Mother tongue : French
    Other Languages : English Fluent (C1 in Cambridge Test)
  • Chérine O. 9

    Chérine O.

    Date of birth: 19/08/1986

    Mother tongues: French and Arabic
    Fluent language: English
    Notions in: German
  • Zorica R. 11

    Zorica R.

    Date of Birth : 27/01/1973

    Mother tongue : Serbian and Greek
    Language spoken fluently : English
    Knows : French and Italian
    Degrees in Psychology, Archeology and Art History.