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Baby Prestige

Founded in 2011, Baby Prestige offers a high quality service to all families by recruiting the best childcare professionals. Finding the perfect nanny, or the perfect tutor is now an easy thing to do, for the first time in France, thanks to its online service.

Baby Prestige enables its customers to access its services 24/7 to perfectly match the needs of families who cannot always wait to find out if a baby-sitter can come to replace their usual nanny, out sick or to look after their children in case of an emergency. Thanks to its 24/7 phone number, you will at any time of day or night be able to speak with us.

Childcare is still not considered as a real job in France but Baby Prestige wanted to fight this misconception by recruiting only childcare professionals.

Looking after a child is one thing, but to bring him/her to grow emotionally and intellectually is another. Lucinda De Cicco, a clinical psychologist graduated from the University of Paris VII-Diderot and California State University, Los Angeles is uncompromising when it comes to recruitment. Diplomas are checked; Baby Prestige requires at least 3 years of experience and contacts in the last 3 employers; during the interview, candidates are asked about their motivations, ambitions and knowledge about child psychology. Their personality and overall presentation as well as their general culture are essential points. As to the question of safety of your children, Baby Prestige partners with the French Red Cross, our nannies take the CPR every year and IPSEN if called to work with children under 3 years of age.