Full-time nanny 1

Full-time nanny

A nanny is a person who is qualified and experienced in childcare. She can have the care of a child from her 3 months until he is old enough to live in complete autonomy. She teaches children good manners, to become independent, to live in society and also helps them during the different times of the day (getting up, bathing, eating, homeworks, going to bed …). The nanny focuses on educating the children rather than on daily household chores, but that does not prevent her from working in collaboration with the domestic workers already in place.

PROCEDURE : Baby Prestige has different type of profiles depending your needs and expectations. Below select in the filter work type “full time”, you will see all our candidates and will be able to contact them directly by choosing our offer at 79.90 euros / month.

If you do not find any suitable profile or do not have the time to take care of it, please choose the VIP offer. Then email us the job description and your requirements for us to start recruiting. You then have the choice whether or not to be the employer; if Baby Prestige is the employer, there will be an additional cost of 15% corresponding to the 10% VAT that we pay as a company, and 5% agency fees.