Mathilde A. 1

Mathilde A.

I’m cheerful, dynamic, and a good listener: trust me to take care of your children and entertain them with so many activities they won’t even see time go by!

Date of birth: 23/10/ 1995
Nationality: French
Available for work in: Côte d’Azur/ French Riviera
Native language: French
Also speaks: English and Spanish

Since 2015: (St Jean Cap Ferrat, France) I started working for Baby Prestige at the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat in July 2015. My first experience was taking care of two children from New York for a week.

Since November 2013: (Nice, France) I have been taking care of children every week during the school year for three years now. I pick them up from school, take them to extracurricular activities, help them with homework and organize activities for them (cooking, art, and other fun activities). The children I care for are between 5 months and 10 years old.

December 2009: (Nice, France) I did a one week internship at the St Pierre de Nice daycare. Working there was my top choice; it was a unique experience and I quickly bonded with the babies there. Children were ages one to two and a half.

I’m lucky enough to be an older sister. My brother and I have a big age difference, which means that I helped care for him from the day he was born. I have experience with very small children and older children, too, and I enjoy caring for all of them. Parents have put their trust in me since I was 16, I am grateful for it and love it!