Maternity nurse 1

Maternity nurse

Do you want to be prepared for your maternity return or your wife’s? Our caregivers take care of bottles, night care, and support you by advising you on the reorganization of your life after the baby arrives (breastfeeding, care, helping baby settle his nights, etc.).

What is a maternity nurse ?
Generally speaking, the maternity nurse stays with the mother for 4 to 8 weeks, so that she recovers from the birth while baby is taken care of.

Her responsibilities are as follows :

  • Caring for the newborn
  • Give post-natal care
  • Help establish a rhythm within the house
  • Supervise and tidy up the baby’s room
  • Do the baby’s daily laundry
  • Pace sleep patterns and stay up at night so parents can rest
  • Breastfeeding support and assistance
  • Learn the safety rules and hygiene measures for the baby

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You have punctual needs, contact us specifying the days and times, knowing that the prices are the same as for childcare.

Finally, your needs are for the long term (a few weeks at least), subscribe to contact the nurses yourself, you will find the people available here; in the filters select well in “type of position” “maternity nurse” (direct contact, Baby Prestige is not the employer and does not receive any commission on the salary).

You do not have time to search or do not find a profile that meets your expectations, take the VIP offer, by sending the job description, the contract and salary; we will send you profiles corresponding to your needs. In this offer, Baby Prestige can be, or not, according to your choice, the nurse’s employer.