Private school transportation 1

Private school transportation

A driver takes care of transporting your child from your home to his school, and can take him to his extra-curricular activities or to the doctor if your child has regular appointments. Know that our offer includes the service of the same driver every day so that you and your child are reassured. Be aware that the driver can also bring you bread and croissants when you arrive, or even drop your things off at the dry cleaners, post mail, etc.

We also offer a school bus service that can take care of a group of children living in the same neighborhood attending schools close to each other. This option is more economical and more user-friendly. If you would like to be connected with other families with similar needs, we would be happy to take your details and put you in touch.

Mom of a boy who goes to school outside Paris, I needed a driver to pick up my son after school. I was naturally anxious about entrusting my child to someone I did not know, especially when it came to driving. Baby Prestige introduced me to Philippe; not only is he an excellent driver, but he has very good contact with my son. He speaks English to him because my son is bilingual; he also agrees to take her to his medical appointments, wait for him for as long as possible and play his favorite CDs. So, my child loves it and I have peace of mind. Thank you Baby Prestige!

Amanda B., Paris 5ème