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Are you looking for a qualified, reliable person, for who you and your children will have a “crush” ?

Our job is to recruit nannies, we put all our heat into it to select the best, though a strict method, proven to be efficient since most of the luxury hotels have put their trust in Baby Prestige for over ten years.

For many years, our only service was proving services in hotels, but some of our nannies needed to have a recurrent position, that is when Baby Prestige decided to grant you access to its baby-sitter file. The Baby Prestige dashboard lets you view their resumes. Once you have made selection, subscribe to our service to gain access to their contact information.

For those who don’t have the time to handle the search, or could not find their one-in a million, you can order the VIP offer; once Baby Prestige has received the details of the position with your exceptions, we will start sending you resumes.

Our services are trusted by the best hospitality groups and luxury hotels: are you ready to join them?