Asma E. 1

Asma E.

Attentive, aware of your children’s needs, I am the ideal nanny for your children. Together, we will do a lot of fun activities and learn new languages in a playful way.

Date of birth : 04/04/1978
Nationality : Tunisian
Mother tongue : Arabic and French
Fluent in : English and Italian
I work in: Paris and its suburbs
Diploma : Lenotre culinary school,

Driver licence B

Baby-sitter — 02/09/2019- present : I am currently taking care of 3 kids named Julia 7 years old, Tessa 4 years old and Maya 18 months old. I drop them to school every day and prepare their meals while they are away. During lunch time, the kids and I communicate in English in order to practice their speaking skills. I like to vary their meals because cooking is one my hobbies. From Italian to Mexican cuisine, the kids are always delighted to enjoy one of my meals. After school, we mostly go to the park to play for an hour. If not, I walk them to their after school activities before heading back home to do the homework. I help with most of their homework, and verify that it is correct. On Wednesdays, the girls don’t have school in the afternoon and that is when we usually do activities at home such as baking, painting, watch a movie or make bracelet. To finish off, the girls took a shower before their parents get home. When Maya was born, I took care of her when her mom had finished maternity leave. She is a very pleasant baby. I give her her bottles, change her diapers, put her to sleep when she is tired, take her with me to pick her sisters up from school. As she grows up, I encourage her to crawl, stand up on her own and repeat syllables.

Baby-sitter — 2016-2018: During this time, I worked for a family of expats in Lahore, Pakistan. I took care of 2 children, Marwa and Taymoor who were aged 1 and 5 when I started. Every morning, I woke Taymoor up to give him breakfast, dress him up and take him to school with his driver. Once I was back home, I took care of Marwa the whole day. As she was 1 year old, I would essentially feed her her bottles, change her diapers, take her to her medical check ups, watch cartoons and do stimulating activities as she was growing up. When it came to nap time, I would give Marwa a belly massage to stimulate her blood circulation and help with digestion. In the afternoon, when Taymoor was back from school, I walked the kids to the park that was in our residence and mostly built sand castles and jumped on the trampoline. Afterwards, I helped Taymoor with his homework and gave them showers. By the time the parents came back home, dinner would be served and the parents took care of taking the kids to bed. When they were out, I took the kids to bed and read them bedtime stories in French.

Baby-sitter — 2010-2013: For 3 years, I took care of Anaya and Sami (2 years old) who are twins living in Dubai. During the first year, the twins went to pre-school 3 times a week. Away from pre-school, I took care of them all day. We started our mornings by having breakfast, where I diversified their food to help them get off the bottle. After that, we would watch tv, play in the playroom and potty train. When the weather was nice, we would go for walks in the compound. I prepared lunch for the twins everyday. After their lunch, they would take a 1 hour nap. In the afternoon, we did several activities such as swimming and playing in the playground. Anaya and Sami started to go to Lycée Français George Pompidou when they.

I have 18 years of work experience including 11 in baby sitting