Jenny A. 1

Jenny A.

Benevolent, dynamic and strong from my experience in the field of childhood and animation. I will know how to take care of your children

Date of birth: 30/12/1990
Nationality: French
Working area: Paris
Mother tongue: French

Diplomas :  Child care award, specialized educator and first aid certificate

In 2014 : I was able to keep an 8 year old little girl for 2 years. I had to pick her up every time she left school, help her with her homework and shower, ensuring her safety was paramount. I was able to offer fun activities during free time to support her in his development.

In February 2011 : I was able to work in a leisure center with children aged 7/10 by setting up different activities and outings. I was able to guarantee the moral, physical and emotional safety of children. Listening to children facilitates exchanges and sharing by establishing a relationship of trust.

Since October 2013 : I take care of children from 4 years old to 14 years old in the home. I take care of them by accompanying them in their daily tasks. I tried to resolve conflicting family situations and release the child’s speech and listen to him. I knew how to set up projects and maintain schooling.