Garance O. 1

Garance O.

Motivated, cheerful, and punctual, I would be delighted to take care of your children during your stay in Paris or for your outings.

Date of birth: 03/10/1993
Nationality: French
Place of intervention: Paris
Native language: French
Good knowledge in: English, Spanish

Driver’s license: B

School year 2019-2020: I regularly take care of a 9-year-old child after school several times a week and occasionally in the evenings on weekends. We have a snack, then go to the playground before returning to take a shower. Before the parents return, there is usually time for a creative activity (painting, drawing, clay modeling, …) or for reading several stories. Occasionally, I help her older sister Véra, who is then 13, with her homework. If the parents come home late, I prepare dinner and eat with them in peace.

2017: I occasionally look after Gabin, who is then 9, on weekends or after school. Gabin is a child with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders; we spend afternoons in the Bois de Vincennes doing sports activities: table tennis, badminton, or frisbee. When he needs to unwind after school, we play card games, riddles, and I organize quiet times in his room to prepare for homework.

2015 and 2016: I take care of Apolline, who is 4, and then her younger sister, whom I first babysit when she is barely 3 weeks old. I know how to change a diaper, attend to the needs of an infant (preparing a bottle, staying alert during the night if the baby wakes up), and manage dinner and the bath of an older child at the same time. This experience has shaped me, and I have remained in good contact with the family because I am very attached to their little girls.

Being the eldest in my family, I have had a gentle connection with children from a very young age, and they appreciate my care and attention. Having pursued literary and artistic studies, I enjoy introducing them to creative activities and reading them beautiful stories in French, English, or Spanish.