Khava T. 1

Khava T.

“Smiling, punctual and adoring the children, you can entrust them to me with peace of mind!”

Date of birth: 16/02/1993
Nationality: Russian
Working area: Paris
Mother tongue: Russian
Languages spoken fluently: French, English

Diplomas: Master’s degree in teaching, education and training.

2020 to 2023 : These years I have especially worked a lot with children. For four months, I pick up a four-year-old boy from school ( 4/7day). Before his parents come back, I  accompanied  him to the park, also to extracurriculars, I used to bathe him and play with him. This work experience left me only good memories. During these years,  I regularly worked in the Baby prestige ’ s nursery, where I took care of four/five-month-old babies. I work with agency  for both individuals  and hotels, on many occasional babysitting. I always  try to meet the demands of parent,  besides, I have easy contact with children.

2013  to 2018 : At the Baby prestige agency, I took care of children aged 6 months to 12 years. Working with children of all ages allowed me to adapt to each profile and to propose activities that they like. I have wonderful memories of all the children I have the opportunity to work with

Since 2012 : I have worked as a babysitter ( a child aged 11 months) for individuals. At the same time,  I picked up the children ( children aged 2 and 5) from  school and from nursery to accompany them to extracurricular activities or to  took them for walks etc.