Elli R. 1

Elli R.

“Caring and attentive, I am passionate about encouraging children’s creativity through fun activities, allowing you to make the most of your Parisian evenings”

Date of birth: 02/09/1999
Nationality: Finnish
Place(s) of work: Paris
Mother tongue: Finnish
Good knowledge of/Fluent in: French, English and Finnish

No driving licence

Today: Over the past year, I have continued to babysit on an occasional basis. I worked for different families, offering both playing sessions and English lessons to children aged between 3 and 6.

August 2020 to June 2022: I worked as a Nanny for an American family for two years in Paris. I looked after two boys aged 8 and 10. My responsibilities included afternoons and evenings with them, accompanying them to various activities. I was also in charge of preparing their dinners (and sometimes their lunches) on a daily basis. On some occasions I stayed with the children at weekends or for several days if the parents were away.

September 2019 to June 2020: I worked as an au pair for a Parisian family of four children in the 16th arrondissement during one school year. I was primarily responsible for looking after a six-year-old girl, while also looking after the older children in the family. Afternoons were spent looking after her and accompanying her to activities such as pony and ballet lessons. I organised entertainment such as board games, arts and crafts and English lessons. I was also responsible for preparing lunch and dinner most days of the week.

August 2018 until July 2019: During my first year as an au pair, I looked after an eight-year-old boy for a school year. My main responsibilities were looking after him after school in the afternoons and all day Wednesdays. I organised both indoor activities, such as board games, and outdoor activities, such as football. I would also help him with his homework and give him English lessons. During the holidays, I would take him on cultural visits to museums and other cultural centres.

Growing up in a family with two children, I was surrounded by cousins, nieces and nephews, which reinforced my interest in children and the role of nanny. As an active child, I practised dance until the age of 18, developing essential skills such as creativity, patience and vigilance when interacting with children. I love providing creative activities for children, whether it’s drawing, crafts or role play.