Roxane S. 1

Roxane S.

Friendly, trustworthy, experienced, and creative young woman – you can confidently entrust your children to me

Date of Birth: 23/06/2001
Nationality: French
I work in: Paris
Mother tongue: French
I speak fluently: English

Diplomas: Baccalaureate (High School Diploma) in Literature, CAP AEPE (Accompanying Early Childhood Education) obtained in 2021, PSC1 (First Aid Certification) obtained 5 years ago, which I am required to renew this year as part of my training as a youth educator (DEEJE).

Driving license: None Vehicle: None

Since this year (2021): I regularly take care of a 3-year-old girl within an after-school agency and occasionally in the evenings. I engage in various activities with her based on her interests and my suggestions, such as symbolic play (playing with dolls, toy kitchen, etc.), age-appropriate board games, and more.

Currently in my first year of training to become a youth educator, after obtaining a CAP AEPE (Early Childhood Care and Education Professional Certificate) last year, I am undertaking practical internships. At the moment, I am interning at a micro-creche called “Papier Bulle” in the 14th district. I am in contact with babies aged 4 months to 2 years and provide care according to their needs, including feeding, bottle-feeding, assisting with sleep, and providing the affectionate support they often require

In 2020-2021: I completed internships as part of my CAP AEPE. I had two seven-week internships, one in a Franco-Chinese daycare and the other in a kindergarten. I gained knowledge and continue to acquire more through training on child development, ensuring their well-being and fulfillment while aligning with the expectations and desires of parents.

In 2018-2019: I babysat a 6-year-old girl, occasionally staying overnight at her place as her mother worked night shifts.

I am the eldest of a two-child family. From a young age, I pursued a comprehensive curriculum at the conservatory, starting with music appreciation at the age of 4, followed by music theory, learning to play the oboe, and joining an orchestra for 10 years. In parallel, I trained in Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form from India. Currently, I also practice Kathak, another classical dance form originating from India. I have traveled extensively abroad, which has enriched my cultural awareness.