Wendy S. 1

Wendy S.

Smiling, patient, and pedagogical, my experience with children allows me to show ingenuity in keeping them engaged!

Date of Birth: 28/06/1993
Nationality: French
Areas of intervention: Paris, Paris region
Native Language: French
Other language: English – Spanish – Portuguese (intermediate)


  • Master’s degree in MEEF – Primary School Teacher, CRPE Competition, University of Cergy (95) – 2018
  • State Diploma of Youth Educator (EJE), IRTS Paris-Ile-de-France – Melun (77) – 2017

Driver’s License: B / Owns a vehicle

Since 2018: I have been working as a primary school teacher. I started with a kindergarten class of senior year. I worked on pre-reading skills as well as handwriting techniques. I was appointed as a teacher for a combined class of CM1-CM2 students. In 2019, I discovered teaching students with significant academic difficulties in the Section of General and Vocational Education, aged 11 to 15. I decided to continue teaching these students to experiment with innovative practices and rekindle their love for learning.

June-August 2022: As a babysitter, I took care of a 2-year-old boy in Pontoise. I picked him up from the childminder’s place using my vehicle. Once we arrived at his family’s home, I would check his diaper, give him a snack, and engage him in games until his mother’s arrival.

Since January 2022: I have been assisting an 11-year-old boy with his homework in all subjects. I ensure his understanding of exercises and help him learn his lessons using methodology that adapts to his specific needs. He is emotionally gifted: HPE (High Emotional Potential) and HPI (High Intellectual Potential). Occasionally, I also pick him up from school by car on some Friday afternoons.

From 2014 to 2017: I worked as an animator for children aged 6 to 11 at FILAPI (formerly a leisure center of the BABILOU group). My role involved welcoming children and parents. I organized quiet activities respecting the children’s rhythms. I supervised after-school activities by picking up groups of students from their school and assisting them with their homework. During school vacations, themed activities were offered. I also conducted birthday parties on some weekends.