Charlotte B. 1

Charlotte B.

“Very smiling and affectionate, I am known for my joy, my reliability and my sense of service. I will be delighted to take care of your children during your Parisian outings.”

Date of birth: 13/06/1995
Nationality: French
Working area: Paris
Mother tongue: French
Language spoken: English

Diplomas: Driver’s licence, category B (please note that I don’t have a car).

Since 7 years, I have regularly babysat children at parties (neighbours, acquaintances, word of mouth). Thanks to my experiences, I am now happy to take care of children from 6 months old within the Baby Prestige agency, in hotels or in private homes. Activities, dinner, bedtime, I would be able to take care of them with seriousness and kindness. I can also accompany the children for walks in the parks or cultural places of Paris.

From September to December 2016 : I went to Stockholm as an au pair in a Franco-Swedish family. I took care of a 4 year old little girl on a daily basis (waking up, breakfast, preparation, accompaniment and exit to the nursery, to her sports activities, preparation of dinner, story readings, bedtime). During holidays and weekends, I organized activities such as walks, games, visits to museums, creative activities etc. Occasionally, I took care of his 4 month old little sister. I have established strong and lasting ties with this family.

During the 2015-2016 school year : In parallel with my law studies in Lyon, I accompanied a 6-year-old girl to school three times a week. I woke her up, prepared her breakfast, dressed her, accompanied her to school (a 15-minute walk away). Sometimes, the parents contacted me to come and take care of her during evenings and weekends (activities, dinner, bedtime). This family put me in touch with friends of theirs, which allowed me to do other occasional childcare for evenings.

Between 2013 and 2014 : In high school, I started babysitting during evenings and weekends taking care of two little boys aged 4 and 7. I made them dinner, organized various activities (games, drawings) and put them to bed (toilet, reading stories).