Elina G. 1

Elina G.

Very caring and warm-hearted, I am attentive to the child, and I will always find a way to entertain them during our time together.

Date of birth: 01/07/1996
Nationality: French
Location(s) of intervention: French Riviera
Native language: French
Fluent in: English

Degrees: Master’s degree in Speech Therapy (achieved in September 2020) First Aid Team Level 2 (PSE2 – obtained in January 2022)

Driver’s license, Own a vehicle

Since January 2023: I occasionally take care of a 5-year-old boy in Nice when he and his parents come to the south. I accompany him to the beach, suggest various board games, creative activities, different fun and educational outings, and then take care of bath time and bedtime.

Since June 2022: I regularly take care of a 2-year-old girl in Nice. I prepare some meals and snacks for her, organize various activities, read her many stories, and take her on frequent outings.

From June 2014 until August 2020, I regularly looked after a young girl, from the age of 7 to 13, when she came to the south with her mom during the summers. We went to the sea, played many board games, had costume parties, and I also helped her with homework and bedtime.

During that period, I also occasionally babysat several children, whether in Cannes or Belgium, aged 1 to 13, and two young boys with motor and intellectual disabilities, aged 10 and 14.

From October 2014 to July 2015, I worked as an au pair in Australia and took care of two boys, aged 2 and 4. I handled breakfast, took them to school, and watched them around the pool. I accompanied them to their gymnastics and music classes. I also took care of their laundry, tidying up, and offered them numerous games and walks with their two dogs. I also taught them French. During that time, I also cared for a 6-month-old boy and his 4-year-old sister, as well as a premature newborn.

I have a younger sister who is 24 and a younger brother who is 7, whom I took care of a lot since their birth and during my visits to Switzerland. My profession as a speech therapist allows me to be in daily contact with children, to know their development well, and to propose fun activities suitable for the child’s age during my babysitting sessions.