Juliette N. 1

Juliette N.

Date of birth: 05/04/2003 (19 years old)
Nationality: French
Location: Paris
Study: Bachelor of Economics and Management
Language: I speak fluent English

Diploma of supervision : BAFA
No driving license / No vehicle

During 2018 and 2019, I took care of a 6 months old girl. I gave her her last bottle and then put her to bed. I also sometimes went to pick her up from her nanny and then we would go to the park. I also know how to change diapers.

Since September 2020, I have been babysitting 2 children, a brother and a sister aged 5 and 2. I usually arrive in the evening to give them dinner (I can also prepare it) and then I do the evening cleaning (brushing teeth…), then I read them stories, we can also do a little coloring and I put them to bed. It already happened to me to bring the biggest to the school in the morning and to recover it the afternoon as well as the smallest to the nursery. I make him do his homework and we have fun in an educational way (board games, role playing…).

Since July 2021, thanks to my BAFA, I supervise summer camps with children aged from 6 to 17. During these stays we do a lot of manual activities but also sports. I also take care of them during the daily life (meals, showers, brushing teeth,…)

I also do school support for primary children in a school.