Manon H. 1

Manon H.

“Serious, dynamic, and lively, I will entertain your children by providing magical and unforgettable moments!”

Date of Birth: 08/05/2003
Nationality: French
Places of intervention: Paris
Mother tongue: French
Fluent in: English
Good knowledge of: German, Dutch

Diplomas: Red Cross (March 2021)

Driver’s License: B / No Vehicle

Since November 2017: I have been taking care of children aged 3 to 15. I have completed numerous babysitting jobs and have also provided academic support to children ranging from 6th to 9th grade, helping to enhance their academic skills. Furthermore, as a passionate musician, I have had the pleasure of sharing this passion by teaching music appreciation classes to some of the children.

In July 2020: I had the privilege of being a camp counselor in Toronto, Canada, as part of the “Leadership in Training” program. I was responsible for a group of about ten children throughout the day for two weeks. My role included organizing activities, accompanying them during meals, and overall ensuring their supervision and well-being. This experience allowed me to develop my group management skills and my ability to create enriching and memorable moments for children.

From June 2022 to December 2023: I took care of a 10-month-old baby, following the parents’ instructions. I learned how to bottle-feed, change diapers, and more broadly, understand the baby’s needs.

In July 2022: I had the opportunity to be an au pair in the United States with a Belgian-American family, where I took care of two children aged 2 and 5. This experience allowed me to discover a new culture while sharing family values. During my stay, I played with the children, organized fun activities, and prepared meals for them. Being immersed in an English-speaking environment also helped me to personally grow and become more confident. Through a strong bond of trust, I developed a lasting relationship with the parents and the children.

As the eldest in a family of two children and having five younger cousins, I have always been independent and often had the responsibility of looking after my younger sister and cousins. My active engagement in sports and music (piano – guitar – singing) showcases my energy, discipline, and enthusiasm for learning. Music has allowed me to develop an artistic and creative sensitivity that I know how to employ during my interactions with children, in order to entertain and introduce them to new activities.