Childcare in Paris

Are you visiting Paris and want a babysitter for the duration of your stay so that you can visit an exhibition or have a romantic dinner? Do you live in Paris and are you looking for someone you can trust to look after your children? Whether for occasional or year-round needs, at your home or at the hotel, Baby Prestige has been present in Paris since 2011. Our baby-sitters will be happy to take care of your children, on the program: participate in a workshop, take a guided tour, play in the park, take a ride on a merry-go-round and finish the day with an ice cream? Your child will love our nannies !!

  • Luna L. 1

    Luna L.

    Date of Birth: 01/01/2002
    Native Language: French
    Fluent Language: English

    Qualifications: PSC1 French Red Cross (2022)
  • Nour H. 2

    Nour H.

    Date of Birth: 21/10/1994
    Native Language: French
    Good knowledge of/Fluent in: English, Arabic
  • Angela F. 3

    Angela F.

    Date of Birth: 01/03/2002
    Native Language: Spanish
    Good knowledge of/Fluent in : English, French
  • Clara D. 4

    Clara D.

    Date of birth: 17/04/1995
    Mother tongue: French
    I speak fluently: English
  • Océane G. 5

    Océane G.

    Date of Birth : 28/08/1996
    Mother Tongue : French
    Fluent in : English
    Diplomas : First Aid (PSC1)
  • Iris L. 6

    Iris L.

    Date of Birth: 03/07/1999
    Native Language: French
    Fluent in: Spanish
    Good knowledge of: English
    Driver’s License: Yes / No Vehicle
  • Maya D. 7

    Maya D.

    Date of birth: 09/09/1999
    Mother tongue: French
    Good knowledge of/Fluent language : English
    Diplomas : PSC1 (No)
  • Diana A. 8

    Diana A.

    Date of birth: 18/04/1996
    Mother tongue: Spanish
    Good knowledge of/ Fluent in: French, English
  • Kimberley S. 9

    Kimberley S.

    Date of birth: 22/01/1995
    Mother tongue: French/English
    Good knowledge in: English
  • Kimline H. 10

    Kimline H.

    Date of Birth: 21/10/1998
    Native Language: French
    Fluent in: English
    Basic knowledge of: Spanish
  • Louise M. 11

    Louise M.

    Date of Birth: 25/03/1997
    Native Language: French
    Fluent Languages: English and Spanish
  • Garance O. 12

    Garance O.

    Date of birth: 03/10/1996
    Native language: French
    Good knowledge in: English, Spanish
  • Isis M. 13

    Isis M.

    Date of birth: 15/12/2001
    Native language: French
    Fluent in: English
    Good knowledge of Spanish

    Diplomas: First aid training (2022), Youth worker diploma (2020)
  • Angelique B. 14

    Angelique B.

    Date of Birth: 08/08/2002
    Native Language: French
    Fluent in: English
    Some knowledge in: Russian

    Diplomas: PSC1 (First Aid)
  • Elli R. 16

    Elli R.

    Date of birth: 02/09/1999
    Mother tongue: Finnish
    Good knowledge of/Fluent in: French, English and Finnish
  • Anna B. 17

    Anna B.

    Date of birth : 1 0/10/1994
    Native language : French
    Language spoken fluently : English , Spanish

    Diplomas : Introduction to First Aid – General training (2010 )
  • Manon H. 18

    Manon H.

    Date of birth: 08/05/2003
    Mother tongue: French
    I speak fluently: English, German, Dutch

    Diplomas: First Aid

  • Manon H. 19

    Manon H.

    Date of Birth: 08/05/2003
    Mother tongue: French
    Fluent in: English
    Good knowledge of: German, Dutch

    Diplomas: Red Cross (March 2021)
  • Valerie L. 20

    Valerie L.

    Date of Birth: 25/05/1974
    Region Native Language: French
    Good knowledge of: English

  • Sharon B. 21

    Sharon B.

    Date of birth: 30/10/1977
    Mother tongue: English
    I speak fluently: French
  • Leslie I. 22

    Leslie I.

    Date of Birth: 06/08/2001
    Native Language: French
    Good Knowledge of: Basic English

    Diplomas : Professional Baccalaureate in Assistance, Care, and Services to Individuals
  • Laurane C. 23

    Laurane C.

    Date of Birth: 13/12/1998
    Native Language: French
    Good knowledge in: English, Spanish
  • Wendy S. 24

    Wendy S.

    Date of Birth: 28/06/1993
    Native Language: French
    Other language: English – Spanish – Portuguese (intermediate)

    Diplomas: State Diploma of Youth Educator, Primary School Teacher
  • Emilie D. 25

    Emilie D.

    Date of birth: 25/12/1981

    Native language: French
    Other language: English (basic)
  • Roxane S. 26

    Roxane S.

    Date of Birth: 23/06/2001
    Mother tongue: French
    I speak fluently: English

    Diplomas: CAP AEPE 2021
  • Nina A. 27

    Nina A.

    Date of birth: 15/04/2001
    Nationality: French
    Place(s) of work: Paris
    Mother tongue: French
    Good knowledge of : English, Spanish, Berber

    Diploma : French diploma for youth leaders
  • Appoline J. 28

    Appoline J.

    Date of Birth: 22/02/20
    Mother tongue: French
    I speak fluently: English, Spanish
  • Maeva D. 29

    Maeva D.

    Date of birth: 28 /02/ 2000

    Mother tongue: French
    I speak fluently: English
  • Amandine B. 30

    Amandine B.

    Date of birth: 01/11/2000
    Mother tongue: French
    I speak fluently: English, French

    Diplomas: First Aid Diploma (PSC1)
  • Mariam B. 31

    Mariam B.

    Date of birth: 15/01/2002
    I work in: Paris
    Mother tongue: French
    Languages I speak fluently: English/ notions in Spanish
    Diplomas : First aid certificate,BAFA
  • Jessica B. 32

    Jessica B.

    Date of birth: 25/03/1985
    Mother tongue: English
    Languages I speak fluently: French

    Diplomas: First Aid and CPR certifications (for infants, children, and adults)
  • Asma E. 33

    Asma E.

    Date of birth: 04/04/1978
    Nationality: Tunisian
    Mother tongue: French and Arabic
    Good notions in: English and Italian
  • Valentina S. 34

    Valentina S.

    Date of birth: 10/04/1991
    Mother tongue: Spanish
    I speak fluently: French and English.
  • Juliette N. 35

    Juliette N.

    Date of birth: 05/04/2003
    Language: I speak fluent English

    Diploma of supervision : BAFA
  • Christelle D. 36

    Christelle D.

    Date of birth: 10/01/2002
    Mother tongue: French
    I speak 8luently: French , English , Spanish , Japanese

    Diplomas: Brevet d’aptitude aux fonctions d’animateur ( BAFA )
  • Aya G. 37

    Aya G.

    Date of birth: 06/02/2002
    Mother tongue: Arabic
    Fluent in: Arabic/ French/ English
  • Tania D. 38

    Tania D.

    Date of birth: 02/28/2000
    Mother tongue: French
    Good knowledge of Language spoken: English

    Qualifications: -PSC1: First aid prevention training.

  • Estelle G. 39

    Estelle G.

    Born on : 27/10/1999
    Mother tongue : French
    Spoken language : English

    Diploma : PSC1
  • Lisa D. 40

    Lisa D.

    Date of birth: 21/05/1998
    Mother tongue: French and Spain
    Good notions in : English

    Diplomas: First aid certificate, CAP AEPE, for youth leader
  • Virginie I. 41

    Virginie I.

    Date of birth: 18/10/1981
    Mother tongue: French

    Diplomas :  Diploma for youth leaders and workers, first aid certificate.
  • Jenny A. 42

    Jenny A.

    Date of birth: 30/12/1990
    Mother tongue: French

    Diplomas :  Child care award, specialized educator and first aid certificate
  • Aya L. 43

    Aya L.

    Date of birth: 02/01/2022
    Mother tongue: French/Arabic
    Language spoken: English
  • Sandie B. 44

    Sandie B.

    Date of birth: 10/05/1982
    Mother tongue: French
    Language spoken: English

    Diplomas: First aid European patent IPSEN
  • Charlotte B. 45

    Charlotte B.

    Date of birth: 13/06/1995
    Mother tongue: French
    Language spoken: English
  • Alicia P. 46

    Alicia P.

    Date of birth: 08/11/1997
    Mother tongue: French
    Languages spoken fluently: Spanish,Portuguese

    Diplomas : First year of early childhood educator, PSC1
  • Khava T. 47

    Khava T.

    Date of birth: 16/02/1993
    Mother tongue: Russian
    Languages spoken fluently: French, English

    Diplomas: Master’s degree in teaching, education and training.
  • Alice L. 48

    Alice L.

    Date of birth: 03/06/1998
    Mother tongue: French
    Goodnotions in: English
  • Roxane S. 49

    Roxane S.

    Date of birth: 23/06/2001
    Mother tongue: French
    Good notions in: English

    CAP AEPE (vocational qualification in childcare) obtained in 2021.
    PSC1 in 2022
  • Calixte P. 50

    Calixte P.

    Date of birth: 28/12/1999
    Mother tongue: French
    Other languages : English, Italian

    Diplomas: I have a first aid certificate

  • Victoire D. 51

    Victoire D.

    Date of birth: 04/02/2000
    Mother tongue: French
    Good notions in: English and German

    Diplomas: PSC1 in 2021
  • Marco N. 52

    Marco N.

    Date of birth: 18/12/1998
    Mother tongue: French
    Language spoken: English and German

    Diplomas: PCS1
  • Juliette D. 53

    Juliette D.

    Date of birth: 15/03/2001
    Mother tongue: French
    Language spoken: English
  • Tallulah C. 54

    Tallulah C.

    Date of birth: 20/04/2001
    Mother tongue, French
    I speak fluently French and English

    DIPLOMA: I have a first aid certificate

  • Iris H. 55

    Iris H.

    Date of birth: 03/11/2001
    Mother tongue: French
    Language spoken fluently: English
  • Hugo D. 56

    Hugo D.

    Date of birth : 05/06/1999
    Mother tongue : French
    Fluent language : English
  • Cissé C. 57

    Cissé C.

    Date de naissance: 31/05/2003
    Langue maternelle : Français
    Langue parlée couramment : Anglais
  • Verane S. 58

    Verane S.

    Date of birth: 08/08/1991
    Language spoken fluently: English
    Good knowledge in German

    Diplomas: IPSEN
  • Linda J. 59

    Linda J.

    Date of birth: 18/08/2000
    Mother tongue: French
    I speak fluently: English, French
  • Nesrine K. 60

    Nesrine K.

    Date of birth: 21/03/1993
    Language : French & Arabic
    Other language: English
  • Aurore T. 61

    Aurore T.

    Date of birth: 16/10/1998
    Mother tongue: French
    Languages spoken fluently: English, Spanish

    Diplomas: First Aid Children and Infants
  • Enola D. 62

    Enola D.

    Date of birth: 01/24/2001
    Mother tongue: French
    Language spoken fluently: English
    Good knowledge in German and Italian

    Qualifications: BAFA Youth work diploma
  • Marie Bénédicte F. 63

    Marie Bénédicte F.

    Date of birth: 07/12/1995
    Mother tongue: French
    Good knowledge in / Language spoken fluently: English, Spanish
  • Fernanda D. 64

    Fernanda D.

    Date of Birth: 10/01/2002
    Mother Tongue : French
    Also speaks : English, Italian

    Training- Certificates : Childminder Certificate (BAFA- 2010); First Aids – Children and toddlers
  • Mandy P. 65

    Mandy P.

    Date of Birth : 25/12/1988
    Mother tongue : French
    Other languages : English

    Diplomas: Early childhood first aid training (CECYS-2018), State Diploma of Early Childhood Educator
  • Victoria M. 66

    Victoria M.

    Date of birth: 28/01/1971
    Languages: Filipino, English, Italian
  • Anastasia S. 67

    Anastasia S.

    Date of Birth : 22/12/1994
    Mother tongue : Russian & Ukrainian
    Other languages : English, French
  • Chérine O. 68

    Chérine O.

    Date of birth: 19/08/1986
    Mother tongues: French and Arabic
    Fluent language: English
    Notions in: German
  • Catherine H. 69

    Catherine H.

    Born on: 30/11/1954
    Mother tongue: French

    Diploma: Child care assistant, Maternity Nurse
  • Natacha C. 70

    Natacha C.

    Date of birth: 09/07/1996
    Mother tongue: French
    Good knowledge in : English
  • Flore H. 71

    Flore H.

    Date of birth: 13/06/1962
    Mother tongue: French
  • Joséphine K. 72

    Joséphine K.

    Date of birth: 09/06/2000
    Mother tongue: French
    Good notions in: English

    Diplomas: First Aid Diploma (PSC1)
  • Amina. B 73

    Amina. B

    Date of birth: 28/07/1996
    Mother tongue: Arabic / French
    Fluent spoken language: English

    Training: First Aid Initiation for Children and Infants (IPSEN- Red Cross) October 2017
  • Nesrine D. 74

    Nesrine D.

    Date of birth: 12/11/1987
    Mother tongues: French and Arabic
    Fluent language spoken: English
    Good notions in : Spanish
  • Noémi L. 75

    Noémi L.

    Date of birth: 09/05/1981
    Mother tongue: Hungarian
    I speak fluently: English, French.

    Diplomas: First Aid Diploma (PSC1)
  • Maryam S. 76

    Maryam S.

    Date of birth : 05/28/1994
    Mother tongue : French
    Other languages : Spanish (fluent) English (good level) Japanese (notions)
  • Haguer M. 77

    Haguer M.

    Date of birth: 04/02/1996
    Languages: French, English, Arabic
  • Lila P. 78

    Lila P.

    Date de naissance : 10/05/1960
    Langue maternelle : Français
    Bonnes notions en : Arabe

    Diplôme : VAE CAP Petite Enfance
  • Maria K. 79

    Maria K.

    Date of Birth : 14/01/1997
    Mother tongue : French and Russian
    Other languages : English
  • Isaure L. 80

    Isaure L.

    Birth date: 05/25/1994
    Mother tongue: French
    Fluent: English
    Basic: Russian, Dutch

    Diploma: IPSEN (Introduction to first aid for children and infants)
  • Natia G. 81

    Natia G.

    Date of birth: 13/10/1981
    Mother tongue: Georgian, Russian
    Fluent in: English, French
  • Alix L. 83

    Alix L.

    Date of Birth : 04/30/1990
    Mother Tongue : Français
    Good level in : English & Spanish

    Diploma : French Diploma for youth leaders and workers (BAFA), PSC1
  • Camille F. 84

    Camille F.

    Date of birth : 02/15/1995
    Mother Tongue : French
    Languages spoken : English
    Notions : Deutsch, Russian

    Certificates: First Aid
  • Véronique C. 85

    Véronique C.

    Date of birth: 10/11/1966
    Mother Tongue: French
    Good level in: English
  • Elise R. 86

    Elise R.

    Date of Birth : 26/12/1991
    Mother Tongue: French
    Fluent in: English
    I can also speak: Spanish & Arabic
  • Nina M. 87

    Nina M.

    Date of Birth : 08/10/1994
    Mother Tongue: French
    Fluent in: English
  • Margaux B. 88

    Margaux B.

    Date of birth: 04/04/1996
    Mother tongue: French
    Bilingual in : English
    Notion in :Spanish

    Diplomas: First aid certificate
  • Zorica R. 89

    Zorica R.

    Date of Birth : 27/01/1973
    Mother tongue : Serbian and Greek
    Language spoken fluently : English
    Knows : French and Italian

    Degrees in Psychology
  • Susanne M. 90

    Susanne M.

    Date of birth: 06.11.69
    Mother tongue: German
    Second language: English
    Basic knowledge: French
  • Aurore B. 91

    Aurore B.

    Date of Birth : 12/23/1990
    Mother Tongue: French
    Fluent in: English
    I can speak some : Spanish

    Certificates : Red Cross First Aid Certificate (PCS1), IPSEN
  • Florence G. 92

    Florence G.

    Date of Birth : 02/19/1992 
    Mother Tongue : French
    Fluent in: English
    I can speak some : German

    Diplomas and Certificates :  Red Cross First Aid Certificate (PSC1), AFGSU

  • Sixtine B. 93

    Sixtine B.

    Date de naissance : 10/07/1992
    Langue maternelle : Français
    Bonnes notions : Anglais, italien

    Diplômes : Initiation aux gestes de premiers secours
Baby Prestige
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18:38 11 Dec 22
J’ai fait appel à cette agence pour l’organisation d’un anniversaire et tout était parfait jusque dans les moindres détails 😍 Je recommande, et renouvellerai très probablement cette expérience l’année prochaine. Merci à vous!
Sarah HouckSarah Houck
17:58 04 Dec 21
Nous avons adoré notre expérience.Nous avons un enfant de 12 mois et nous avons été très satisfaits des services ! Très fiable et aimable !
Nat CartNat Cart
19:23 29 Nov 21
23:15 11 Jul 20
15:40 29 Feb 20
Nous avons fait appel à Baby Prestige pour l'organisation des 6 ans de notre petit garçon. Et... Nous recommencerons pour sûr les années prochaines. Tout était PARFAIT. La boutique est très cosy et les enfants s'y sont instantanément sentis comme à la maison. Le gâteau en plus d'être bon était une vraie œuvre d'art. La maquilleuse a fait des merveilles sur chaque visage. Enfin, l'animateur de l'activité lego à bien cru qu'il ne pourrait jamais partir tant les enfants le plébiscitaient. Lucinda est une perle et c'est sans réserve que nous recommendons ses services.
William RanalliWilliam Ranalli
17:07 17 Feb 20
J'ai eu l'occasion de rencontrer Lucinda lorsque je travaillais à VIP RELATIONS de Disneyland Paris, Baby Prestige étant la société par laquelle passe Disneyland Paris pour toute demande de prise en charge des enfants au sein des parcs, des hôtels et pour les événements spéciaux. Très satisfait de ses services de par sa réactivité, la qualité des intervenants et des différentes langues parlées, j'ai ensuite recommandé ses services à des amis et connaissances en recherche d'une gouvernante d'enfants. Lucinda prend son métier très à cœur et met tout en oeuvre pour que les prestations proposées soit irréprochables. Bravo Lucinda !
Delphine PertusDelphine Pertus
08:40 16 Feb 20
Baby prestige a organisé les 5 ans de ma fille. Les ateliers proposés étaient super et les animatrices très efficaces et gentilles! Les enfants ont adorés et la reine du jour était ravie ! Merci pour la gentillesse et pour la disponibilité lors de la préparation! À bientôt