Maryam S. 1

Maryam S.

Smiling girl, I like to take care of children and it will be for me a pleasure to take care of yours, by showing enthusiasm, joy and creativity.

Date of birth : 05/28/1994
Nationality : French
Mother tongue : French
Other languages : Spanish (fluent) English (good level) Japanese (notions)

Degrees : Baccalaureate (2013) – First aide training (2012)
No driving license

2015-2016 : I took care of a little boy of 9 years old and I went to school every Wednesday at 4:30 pm to bring him his afternoon tea. Then I accompanied him by bus to the conservatory for his individual piano lesson. Having practiced piano and bassoon in the same conservatory for 10 years, I was very happy to be able to share these moments related to his musical training classes. When we get home, I accompanied in the realization of his homework, I take care of giving him his dinner and I verified he was taking his shower and put on his pajamas. A little while before bedtime, we watched a cartoon, play a game of his choice, or work his piano drills, and then put him in bed.

June and July 2015 : I was picking two little girls up at school at the end of the day. Then I helped them with the homework. I was cooking their diner while they were finishing their school review. Then I keep an eye on the bath of the little one, check they put their pajamas on right and gave them diner. As they were older than the other kids I baby-sited they were more curious so they asked about me and I shared different types of experiences of mine, and teach them musical skills etc. Thanks to my conservatory education, I learnt a lot of knowledge that I was able to talk to them about all this. In addition, I accompanied them to the summer camp started from July.

September 2014 : I was in charge of a brotherhood of three little boys during the period of back to school in September. My mission was to pick them up of two different schools. Then we used to go for walking to get his two older brother. Once I get them all we went to the park and there, I gave them theirs snacks. It was a challenge to manage all of them and show the same attention to each of them so they all feel good with me with no disparity. After having took the subway and walking downtown, we finally arrived home. I helped them with the homework, make sure they do it right and gave them advices. Then I keep an eye on the two oldest, making sure they were taking their shower and then I was giving Thadée his bath and always trying to make him do by himself. Once bath time done, I helped them to put on their pajamas and let them play all three together and ask them to keep it quiet and be fair to the little one. I served them diner after that and once all done we used to play all four together to cards or board game. As they had a piano, I teach them little lessons in joy and good humor. To finish, I made sure they brushed their tooth and I read them little stories.

I am the eldest children of my family I had since ever a lot of responsibilities. Moreover, I have done scouting during 10 years, at the Europe scouts. In this frame, I had the chance to organize and set up full-scale games, to plan weekend excursion to the countryside with the team, but also run cooking competitions, sport challenges, treasure hunts etc…