Catherine H. 1

Catherine H.

Soft, calm and discreet, I will put all my experience at your disposal so that you can enjoy your evenings in all serenity.

Born on: 30/11/1954
Nationality: French
Place of intervention: Paris
Mother tongue: French
Diploma: Child care assistant, Maternity Nurse

From 2016 to Today: Twin care at parents’ homes at night, since maternity leave ( 10 hours per night). I take care of their supervision, meals, toilet, care.

In 2016: Departure to Provence with a family and complete care of newborns for 24 hours during one week (supervision, outings, toilets, care, meals, awakening of infants).

In 2015: I have taken care of a premature newborn baby (34 weeks) at night at the parents’ home in their presence or during their outings. Benefits of 12 hours per night.

In 2013 and 2014: I provided complete care for a one-month-old infant at the parents’ home as well as on a trip abroad with the family (Spain, Greece, Italy). 24-hour services throughout the duration of the stay (supervision, outings, toilets, care, meals, awakening of the infant).
I also provided complete care for a 3-month-old infant at his parents’ holiday resort in London during their business trips (supervision, outings, toilets, care, meals, infant awakening).

In 2012: I took care of a newborn (15 days) at his parents’ home at night or during the day. Benefits of 12 hours. I also went to Antibes in the second home of the same family for 24 hours of complete care of the baby.

In 2011: I looked after a 6-month-old baby at her parents’ home for 12 hours during the day.

1990 to 2010: I worked as a childcare assistant in various maternity wards (day and night care): birth room, block and diaper suites.

From 1973 to 1989: I was a childcare assistant in the crèche of the City of Paris (children from 2 months to 3 years).