Estelle G. 1

Estelle G.

« Friendly, I know plenty of activities and games to do with your kids during your nights out in the city of light ! »

Born on : 27/10/1999
Nationality : French
Location : Paris
Mother tongue : French
Spoken language : English
Diploma : Prevention and rescuers first level (PSC1 – 2014)

Since July 2022 : I am, occasionally, taking care of children from the age of 3 months for several families. I am organizing activities like board games, cards games or artistic games like drawing or constructions games. I am also in charge of their meal (lunch and dinner) and their bedtime. I took care of newborn and babies several times.

From November 2020 to January 2021: I took care of three children of 7,9 and 13 years old as their aupair in the United States. I was in charge of the preparation of their lunch, I was helping them with their homework after school and I was driving them to their extra scholar activities.

From January 2020 to November 2020 : I took care of two kids of 6 and 9 years old as their aupair in the United States. As it was during the beginning of covid, we were staying inside the house so I was in charge of their school work, helped by their teachers online but after school, I used to organize scientifics experiences or baking activities with them or play board games.I also organized reading activities.

I am the first of three children. I started baby-sitting when I was 14 years old. I am very sensitive and I have a very great sense of responsibilities. My former experiences with children from all ages, in France or in the United States allow me to approach your children’s care with naturalness. I would take to heart the well-being of your children and give them a good time.