Childcare in Cannes

Are you traveling to Cannes and its region (Antibes, Mougins, etc.) and want a babysitter for your vacation? Whether for occasional or year-round needs, at your home or at the hotel, Baby Prestige has been present in Cannes since 2014.

  • Jade H. 1

    Jade H.

    Date of Birth : 4 June 1999
    Mother tongue : French
    Other Languages : English Fluent (C1 in Cambridge Test)
  • Sophia B. 3

    Sophia B.

    Date of birth: 15/07/1988
    Place(s) of intervention: Côte d’Azur and Paris
    Mother tongue: French
    Good notions in : English
  • Candice F. 7

    Candice F.

    Date of birth: 01/16/1989
    Mother tongue: French
    Good knowledge of: English

    Diplomas: Vocational qualification in
  • Mélanie L. 8

    Mélanie L.

    Date of birth: 08/17/1997
    Mother tongue: French
    Good notions: English
    Diplomas: BAFA (diploma for youth leaders and workers) validation of the theoretical training course