Childcare Disneyland Paris

Are you coming to spend a day in the park or staying a few days at Disneyland Paris and want a babysitter to babysit the time to go on rides with your older children? Do you want to go out at night, to a restaurant, cinema or a show and want a nanny to take care of your children in the hotel room? We have selected trusted babysitters for you.

  • Lisa D. 1

    Lisa D.

    Date of birth: 21/05/1998
    Mother tongue: French and Spain
    Good notions in : English

    Diplomas: First aid certificate, CAP AEPE, for youth leader
  • Sandie B. 2

    Sandie B.

    Date of birth: 10/05/1982
    Mother tongue: French
    Language spoken: English

    Diplomas: First aid European patent IPSEN
  • Deborah C. 3

    Deborah C.

    Date of birth: 09/02/1991
    Mother tongue: French
    Good notions in: English

    Diplomas : Diploma for youth leaders and workers, Child care award
  • Khava T. 4

    Khava T.

    Date of birth: 16/02/1993
    Mother tongue: Russian
    Languages spoken fluently: French, English

    Diplomas: Master’s degree in teaching, education and training.
  • Cissé C. 5

    Cissé C.

    Date de naissance: 31/05/2003
    Langue maternelle : Français
    Langue parlée couramment : Anglais
  • Anastasia S. 6

    Anastasia S.

    Date of Birth : 22/12/1994
    Mother tongue : Russian & Ukrainian
    Other languages : English, French
  • Natia G. 7

    Natia G.

    Date of birth: 13/10/1981
    Mother tongue: Georgian, Russian
    Fluent in: English, French