Kimberley S. 1

Kimberley S.

English : Kimberley Straub-Williams CV Baby Prestige

“A cheerful Parisian and Londoner with a keen sense of organisation, I’m your ideal baby sitter to brighten up your children’s days or evenings in Paris or during your travels and events. My skills in games and activities guarantee a safe and enjoyable time for your children.”

Date of birth: 22/01/1995
Nationality: French
Place(s) of work: Paris
Mother tongue: French/English
Fluent spoken language : English

Diplomas: Bac Littéraire option Arts Plastiques  (2015) / Bachelor Music and Theatre Production  (2018)

I started paid babysitting in 2011, as soon as I turned 16. I’ve always looked after my little sister, even from a very young age, which made me want to start babysitting as soon as I could. With a wealth of experience as a nanny, I have acquired solid expertise as a baby sitter, developing a variety of skills to meet the specific needs of each child. I look after small groups of children at events, as well as children on a regular or occasional basis in the evenings and at weekends. I enjoy accompanying families on holiday to optimise their stay and allow parents to rest while their child thrives on my programme of activities.

Since 2015, I’ve spent a lot of time looking after my cousins Lucie and Célia, who are now 15 and 13. I accompanied Célia to Japan Expo, we went to Disney and we did lots of creative workshops: drawing, painting, music workshops… Thanks to these discovery workshops, Célia was able to choose a creative path to develop her passion.

In 2021, I was baby-sitting for several children in the Drôme Provençale at a wedding, where I met César, who is now 3, and his parents Maé and Bastien. From 2021 until today, I look after César occasionally in the evenings and at weekends, and I accompany the family on holidays to London and Ibiza. My presence allows the parents, who work a lot, to rest. I pay close attention to his safety and well-being, while developing a relationship of trust based on listening and dialogue. My tasks include managing his daily routine, helping with hygiene, supporting him in acquiring continence, and planning age-appropriate activities: sand castles at the end of the day, making sure that the child is well hydrated and preferably in the shade, games in the hotel room, etc. I’m also involved in coordinating family transport and preparing meals, taking into account the child’s dietary needs and any restrictions due to intolerances, particularly lactose intolerance. Educational activities, such as learning his first words in English, have contributed to his development.

From 2019 to the end of the 2023 school year, I provided regular childcare for Lucie-Lou, a 4-year-old child. My role included collecting Lucie-Lou from nursery three days a week, building a relationship of trust, and organising arts and crafts activities as well as games in the park in good weather. I also provided constant support with her daily hygiene, continence training and meal preparation, taking into account her food preferences. My efforts were also devoted to educational activities, learning her first words in English, and reading bedtime stories to help her fall asleep. When mum went out on special occasions, I looked after her in the evenings, taking care of dinner, showering and bedtime.

Since 2019, I have looked after Junia-Rose, a 13-year-old girl who was 9 at the time. My responsibilities included occasional childcare on Wednesday afternoons, evenings and weekends. I provided invaluable support by helping with homework and accompanying Junia-Rose to various extra-curricular activities, such as dancing and painting, on Saturdays. On some days, we spoke in English, helping her to learn the language. Together, we explored a range of outings, including exhibitions, theme parks and shops. Craft activities, such as drawing, painting and customising clothes, added a creative dimension to our time together. We also prepared dinner together, teaching her sweet and savoury recipes. Helping to provide a positive and educational environment during childcare time is one of my priorities.