A Girly PJ Party

A Girly PJ Party

Girls just wanna have fun!

7:00 p.m – Guests & the baby-sitter arrive at the host’s place. It’s time to put on their favorite pajama and have the best party ever!

 7:30 p.m. – Nails time! Every girl will get a manicure and have their nails polished with Nail Art of their choice (this service is done by a nail professional that we carefully chose).

8:15 p.m.Dinner Time! Tonight’s program: a great meal (prepared by the baby-sitter while the girls were doing their nails) served in front of a movie or cartoon (chosen by the beforehand). The baby-sitter brings the DVD or Blue Ray of the film. Ready for the coolest movie night? Also included: popcorn, cupcakes, or biscuits depending on your choice.

 10:00 p.m. – Return of parents, children almost in bed or sleeping bag with a smile on their face and teeth all clean!

Price for 4 children: 271.20 euros VAT (or 67.80 euros / child)

Options: personalized invitation, goodie bag for each child.


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