Natia G. 1

Natia G.

“Very warm and smiling, I am an ideal nanny who will entertain your children, have fun and play creative games with them, all in a safe environment! ”

Date of birth: 13/10/1981
Nationality: Georgian
Places of intervention: Paris
Mother tongue: Georgian, Russian
Fluent in: English, French

Certificate C.P.R by the Red Cross
Driving license / No car.

July 2021-December 2022 – I worked for childcare agency Baby Prestige, I used to babysit children from different countries and nationalities, up to 3 children, of different ages. I used to mostly babysit them inside the hotel, sometimes took them out if the parents allowed, ordered dinner, fed them, played and read their favorite stories before going to bed.

September 2020-June 2021 – I took care of 2 year old boy, Lucas. I picked him up at the nursery school, took him to the park nearby or to his favorite merry-go-round. When we got home, I helped him learning colors, shapes, words in English, sounds and pictures with audio books, then I fed him with vegetables, laid him to bed, I showed him images on his kaleidoscope illuminated with a lamp and invented different stories in English and French.

September 2014-June 2019: I was babysitter for a 3-month-old boy. I looked after him from the age of 3 months until he was 4 years old, on part time basis. The care was in English. Games, walks, meals, baths, stories, songs, hygiene and bedtime, I accompanied him for years and followed his development.

November 2015-February 2017 – I worked for childcare agency Baby Prestige, mostly in Parisian hotels and palaces, where I provided my babysitting services to English and French speaking families. I looked after children of different ages and nationalities. I played with them after their parents left, took them to the park or played inside.  I took care of their meals and put them to bed after a story.

January 2016- December 2016 – I took care of 5 year-old girl, Diane, and 2 year-old boy, Maximilien. I picked them up at school, took them to the park nearby, I watched over them and played with the little one, helped him using different toys on the playground. I cooked dinner, talked with them in English and French about their days at school, I read them bedtime stories at the end of the day.

October 2014-December 2015 – I took care of 4 months old boy of a Swiss diplomat. We walked to the park near Eiffel Tower, I fed him with vegetables and cereals I cooked, bathed and laid him to bed, I read him book with images in English and French.

October 2013-September 2014: I took care of a 3 month-old baby. I was with him for walks in the day. I also took care of his meal, bath, and stimulating games. I was getting ready for his nap and bedtime reading him a stories.

September 2012-July 2013: I took care of a 8 year-old girl, Lily-Rose and a 3 year-old boy, Emilien. I picked them up at school, took them to the park where they were playing, I was watching them and playing with them too. If the weather  did not allow us to go out, we played creative games at home. I helped Lili-Rose with homework and I gave her English lessons. I also took care of the bath, dinner and bedtime.

July-August 2012: I was baby-sitting 3 month-old baby boy, Maximilian full time for an American family. I prepared and feed him. I gave him a bath, I walked to the park morning and afternoon, I was playing with him and read him stories. I used to listen to classical music to sooth him when he cried.

September 2011 to June 2012: I was looking after a 10 year old girl, Assia. I picked her up at school, then helped her with her homework. I was preparing dinner and we played together until the return of parents.

July-August 2011: I kept and accompanied two children, a 5 year-old girl, Emilie and a 3 year-old boy, Arthur, on holiday in Corsica with their grandparents. I played with them on the beach. I was responsible for their well-being, daily activities and safety.

October 2010-June 2011: I picked up from school two boys of 3 and 7 years, Gabriel and Maxim.

October 2009-July 2010: I was au pair. I was baby-sitting a 3 year-old boy, Gabriel and a 6 year old girl, Eleanor. I picked them up at school. If time permits we go to the park to play together if I was doing workshops of creative play at home. I helped the elder with homework.

I grew up in a family of three children. I have an older sister and a younger brother. I love nature, because I spent a lot of time in the country with my  grandparents, where I did my nature discovery, growing  fruits and vegetables. This is probably due to this that I love nature, gardening, taking care of flowers. I also like cooking, travel and experience different countries and cultures. Dance, yoga, cinema and reading with me in my free time.