Rental car seat baby confort

From: 15,00

Rent this baby bath for your child and make your life easier.

It can be picked up in our shop at 11 avenue Saint-Exupéry -92320 Châtillon during opening hours.

If you would like it delivered to your home or hotel, please contact us with the address for a quote. We require a deposit of 90 €.


  • Seat belt installation
  • 90° swivelling seat
  • Harness and headrest adjustment
  • Multiple recline positions

Getting your little one in their car seat gets more difficult as they grow. Luckily, our Bébé-Confort Axiss turns towards you, making it easy for you to place your child in the seat. Its unique safety belt and tensioner make sure the toddler car seat is securely tightened.


Looking for a rotating toddler seat that you can install with your car’s seat belt? Then the Bébé-Confort Axiss is just the one for you! The Axiss toddler seat’s belt routing explains exactly how the car seat should be installed in your car. The additional seat belt tensioner makes sure the car’s seat belt is extra secure. This way, a correct installation is assured. For more information on to install it, refer to our user manual.

Because the toddler car seat is safely attached using your car’s seat belt, it fits most cars.


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