SoOo Parisian 1

SoOo Parisian

Discover the city of Paris and its many treasures, it’s good. Being able to live like Parisians for a few hours is better. This is exactly what this cultural outgoing proposes. Offer the opportunity to do activities that Parisians do.

The Fragonard Workshop
The time of a workshop, your children will slip into the shoes of an apprentice perfumer. They will be able to personalize a Eau de toilette during an unforgettable, playful and captivating sensory experience. At the end of this workshop, they will leave with their creation in an elegant bottle of 50ml personalized.

A break at Angelina
After using smell, another sense will be essential for the next activity: that of taste. A stop will be needed in a typical Parisian tea room to recover from all these olfactory experiences. Small salty or sweet treats, there will be something for everyone at Angelina. Since its opening in 1903, Angelina has become the essential meeting place of the Parisian aristocracy.

SoOo Parisian 2

Beauty Care
Finally, we will finish beautifully this afternoon of life like a Parisian. We will go to a beauty salon to pamper our hands. We will be entitled to a manicure and nail polish of the color of our choice.

Practical information about this cultural outing

Duration: 3 hours approximately (each program is personalized according to the tastes and interests of the children)

Cost: 388€ from 1 child 
Overtime (beyond the 3 hours planned): 75€/hrs

This price includes: the accompaniment by a bilingual child professional, the privatization of the workshop, the beauty services, the snacks.