Soline S.

Soline S.

Ref. 9163

Comfortable with children of all ages, I like to play with them and tell them stories. I enjoy spending time with the kids, and they give it back to me!

Date of birth: 24/01/1997
Nationality: French
Mother tongue: French
Good notions in : English
2014 to present: Since 2014 I have been looking after my neighbours’ two little boys, aged three and five respectively. My tasks are very diverse and vary according to parents’ requests. I sometimes have to accompany them to school, bring them back, but also feed them, take a shower and put them to bed. Sometimes I also take them to the park, or to activity centres so they can have fun.

2012 to 2014: I had to care for three children including a six-year-old and twins, a girl and a boy, only a few months old. It was necessary to satisfy each of these children. The little one needed special attention I had to learn to manage them all together and I managed to do so by remaining calm, patient, and entertaining. I gave the bottles to the little ones, paying particular attention to the temperature of the milk, changing them, and comforting them while playing with the bigger one. I also had to take them to day care. For a year I looked after them in parallel with the little boy I was looking after previously.

2010 to 2013: I kept a boy from five until he was eight. Sometimes I had to take him to school, sometimes babysit him in the evenings while the parents went out, feed him, put him to bed, eventually perform the usual tasks of a babysitter. I offered him various types of activities to play together to entertain him, and when it was time for first grade I helped him with his homework.