Versailles, the most royal palace

Symbols of the royalty par excellence, the Castle of Versailles and its gardens have retained the charm of the XVIIth century. One more moment, and we could almost fall on the Sun King in person, at the bend of a corridor, followed by his close court, dressed in silk and lace.
This visit will raise the veil on the life of the three Louis at the Castle of Versailles, their queens and their loved ones, and you will spend a truly royal day !

The program

We will start our visit with an unusual entrance – that of the Porte Saint-Antoine, which takes us to Queen Marie Antoinette’s Estate. We will then discover, in a bucolic setting, the Hamlet of the Queen and the farm. We will also visit the Grand Trianon and the Petit Trianon, places for the audiences of the closest persons of the monarchs, away from the main Palace.

We will take the little train of the estate, which will take us to our lunch place, at Angelina’s or at La Petite Venise according to the mood, for a purely royal feast.

Then we will walk in the gardens of Monsieur Le Nôtre, the king of all gardeners. We will see the Orangery, where kings grew coffee, tea and citrus fruits even during the Winter time. We will then finally visit the Castle of Versailles – more than seventeen royal apartments. And we will see the history hall of France – from Clovis, the first king, to the Revolution. Then, we will go through the Galerie des Glaces, where we might imagine ourselves as Dolphins and Dauphines, the children of the king, and perform some dance steps or pirouettes – it is, after all, the main ballroom !

On our way to the exit, we will admire the long Avenue of Versailles and we will not miss the Royal Chapel, splendid place of the marriage of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. We will cross with a royal step the Cour d’honneur to join our carriage, very modern, which would take us back to Paris !

Practical information about this cultural outgoing

The Castle of Versailles is closed on Mondays.

During the visit, you will discover:

  • The private room of the Sun King
  • The number of candlesticks that illuminate the Galerie des Glaces
  • The walking path taken every day by the King
  • The number of times Louis XIV bathed in his life
  • The secrets of fashion Marie-Antoinette
  • The perfume based on essence of Bergamot, born in the gardens of Versailles

5 Hours approximately (each program is personalized according to the tastes and interests of the children)

625€ until 3 children (+ 75€/h Overtime beyond the 3 hours planned)
Photographic credits : Pixabay

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