The Natural History Museum

Created in 1635 to be originally a medicinal garden and a place of learning, the institution became a Natural History Museum in 1793. It is now a research center that relies on work in laboratory and expeditions around the world touching different disciplines and offering, exceptional collections and world-renowned expertise.

Through the visit, we will discover the knowledge of researchers on nature and we will be sensitized to the protection of our planet.

The Great Gallery of Evolution
This space will allow us to discover the theory of the evolution of different living species: the life in the darkness of the abyss (Southern whale, giant squid), the animals of the African savanna (buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, lions and cheetahs), tropical forest (tapir, anaconda, jaguar, lazy), Saharan wildlife (camel, gazelle) and Arctic or Antarctic wildlife (white bear, emperor penguin and seal) .
We will also see the influence of men on nature which is modified according to the technical evolutions that he uses to feed himself or to move (gathering, hunting, fishing, domestication of species, modification of landscapes, pollution).

A sweet break
Before resuming the rest of the visit with the Children’s Gallery, our little scientists will deserve a little break. It will also be an opportunity to discuss all the things that have been seen just before.

The Children’s Gallery
This space was designed in 2010 to allow children to discover different animal species and their natural environment in the form of interactive games.
It is a place of wonder and learning that will allow us to learn a little more about the animal and plant diversity of the city of Paris, of which we do not know anything about its ecosystem. We will also be able to admire the aquatic species of freshwater and those of the tropical forest.
During this journey, we will examine the relationships we have as humans with nature and how we could preserve it.

Practical information about this cultural outing

3 hours approximately (each program is personalized according to the tastes and interests of the children)

Until 3 children : 241€
Overtime (beyond the 3 hours planned): 75€/hrs

This price includes: the accompaniment by a bilingual child professional, the various entries, the snacks.


Photographic credits : Pixabay

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