Maternity Nurse

Maternity Nurse

You want to prepare your maternity return or your wife’s? Our baby nurses will take care of the baby bottles, can stay at night so when baby wakes up she is around to feed baby, put him/her back to sleep, and provide support by advising you in reorganizing your life after baby’s arrival (breastfeeding, care, nutrition, help baby adjust his nights, etc.).

What is a maternity nurse?
In general, the maternity nurse stays with the mother from 4 to 8 weeks so she can recover from childbirth and help the baby to rhythm his days and nights.

Her responsibilities are:

  • Take care of the newborn
  • Provide post-natal care
  • Help establish a rhythm in the house
  • Supervise and arrange the baby’s room
  • Make baby’s everyday laundry 
  • Rhythm sleep patterns and stay at night so that parents can relax.
  • Support and help to breastfeed.
  • Learn the rules of safety and hygiene measures in relation to the baby.

Price: 200,00 VAT/ 24h (50% deductible from your taxes if you declare them in France)