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Thanks to our experience with many families, we know that the children’s room is probably the room in the house that is likely to change most often… change of furniture when baby grows up, closet that can contain clothes that are too small, too big , games and toys that change according to age, seasons, birthdays, Christmas, etc.

During our first meeting, we will do a “inventory” together, discuss what is bothering you, and your objective.

In a second step we will do the sorting (with or without the children according to your choice)

Our expertise is to be able, with space and quantity, to rearrange and create a storage system, pleasing to the eye, but also logical for children, which will allow them to know where their games are and where the tidy up in order to maintain order over time and to make them rediscover certain forgotten games by bringing them back to their best use.

This will allow you to gradually free yourself from the chore of storage

Will make your children more autonomous

Maybe inspire you to do the same in your bedroom? :D

Everything must have its place

Additional services

  • Weekly monitoring for 1 month to readjust if necessary
  • Donation / recycling of what you no longer use
  • Resale of items too valuable to give away
  • Service available in other living rooms (parents bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.)
  • Advice on furnishing / decorating baby’s / child’s room

Lucinda was adorable, enthusiastic and full of resources to offer us a new organization, new storage and an optimization of the existing one. It takes into account the constraints, the ages of the children, the space available and the possibility or not of acquiring additional storage elements. She also gave good advice on how to do a first sorting and is precisely the motivation I needed to do so. The children were absolutely delighted and had the impression of rediscovering their room and their games! Amazing what a better arrangement can do. I highly recommend Lucinda and her company if you want an outside eye that will help you organize your spaces in a pragmatic, attractive and functional way!

Emilie Letocart-Calame

Lucinda helped tidy up the bedroom of an 8 year old who loves books, loves lots of things and likes to keep memories. She helped us categorize and define locations and do an initial sorting that emptied the space nicely. It’s been 3 weeks and the room is still perfect. Past the destabilization of seeing so much empty space in his room 😂 he was delighted and it stays tidy. So I’m even happier than him.

Positive aspects: Punctuality, Professionalism

Valérie Perrier Elmassian

Lucinda intervened in a bedroom of a 7-year-old boy. Storage was available. It was necessary to sort and put away, which she did efficiently, with cunning. My son was delighted with the result and has been trying to keep his room tidy for 15 days! I am very satisfied with her performance and recommend her.

Positive aspects : Punctuality, Professionalism, Quality, Reactivity

Angéline de Curel

Asked to rearrange our 5 year old son’s bedroom, Lucinda was able to optimize space and storage, which allows us to consider installing an office area.

She also made a point of transferring toys present in the living room, redesigning the play area, even though we wouldn’t have thought to do so.

Very attentive and efficient, Lucinda gives precious advice. She made sure to take into account our constraints and desires. His work exceeded our expectations and in record time! we can only recommend Lucinda warmly.

Positive aspects : Punctuality, Professionalism, Quality, The value for money, Reactivity.

Gaëlle Guibert Ferron

Lucinda Mendy is a sorting fairy : she came to my house once to help me clean up.

She is patient, insightful and a psychologist and will be able to encourage you (while being present) to sort through all your stuff, which was not easy for me.

This is the beginning of a big step forward.

I am very happy !

Positive aspects : Punctuality, Professionalism, Quality, The value for money, Reactivity

Eglantine Binoche