The Team

Determined and dedicated, Lucinda has the essential qualities to carry out the management of a company of the caliber of Baby Prestige. Born in Paris, Lucinda De Cicco studied Clinical Psychology at Paris V René Descartes and Paris Diderot VII and became a licensed psychologist. She joined in 2006 the California State University of Los Angeles and earned a Master Degree in Forensic Psychology. Nourishing always a deep love for children, Lucinda worked directly with families for many years.

She founded Baby Prestige when she returned to France in 2011, wishing to innovate in the area of services and in particular that of childcare. Much more than a baby-sitting agency, Baby Prestige is a private concierge for children and teenagers with a 24/7 service. In addition to providing a high quality service, Lucinda De Cicco has for years been a volunteer in various associations, this is why Baby Prestige is a company committed to improve the lives of children by training and educating caregivers and supporting many associations. SEE HER LINKED IN PROFILE

For Lucinda, the commitment for the children’s well-being  goes further than the Baby Prestige company. SEE OUR PARTNERS