Baby Prestige is hiring

The recruitment process at Baby Prestige is very strict, we do not accept people with less than 3 years experience; we contact the last 3 families for whom you worked, check your diplomas and require a recent (3 months or less) criminal record (French and the country of origin for foreign persons).

Please apply online only. After applying, you will receive a response within 10 business days. If you have been accepted, we will meet you during an interview after which you will have a final answer.

I am a baby-sitter
because, unfortunately,
‘guardian angel’ isn’t a job.

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Working as a babysitter for the Baby Prestige agency is the guarantee of a rewarding work environment, within a dynamic and experienced team. Do not hesitate to trust its director, Lucinda, who will find the perfect person to look after your children.

Amélie B.

A great baby-sitting agency, always available and dedicated to children's well-being !

Charlene C.

A trustworthy agency, as well as for baby-sitters as for parents.

Julia R.

A very reliable and professional agency, led with passion by Lucinda that guarantees its babysitters pleasant working conditions and always very rewarding missions. There is nothing like Baby Prestige in France.

Clara T.

Finally a valued childcare position and well orchestrated! Thanks Baby Prestige for these excellent working conditions.

Oriane T.

Baby Prestige is an agency that connects qualified baby-sitters and parents concerned about the well-being of their children during their absence. I recommend Baby Prestige for several reasons: firstly for the reliability and accuracy of its services, on the other hand the availability of staff (the staff can be reached for the duration of the service). Finally, the working conditions are very pleasant and the ability to speak a foreign language regularly is very rewarding.

Ariane D.