Prices and Taxation

As an organization accredited by the State, Baby Prestige services allows you to deduct a portion of your childcare expenses on your taxes (if you declare them in France).

Tax certificate: we deliver the tax certificate at the beginning of each year. It justifies the costs spent for childcare services with Baby Prestige and allows you to deduct up to 50% on your taxes ( more information below):

 For long-term demands, € 600 of agency fees will be requested. They include filing fees, recruitment taking into account your needs and your expectations regarding the profile, the guarantee that your nanny is quickly replaced in the event of departure or if she is out sick at no cost and management of administrative procedures CAF and work contracts .

 Tax benefits (Finance Act 2009, section 98, section 199 CGI sexdecies-3 modified):

The particular employer receives a tax benefit that may take the form of a reduction or a tax credit of up to half the amount paid (salary + social security contributions) in a ceiling:

 ♦ € 12 000 (ie a tax benefit of € 6,000 / year)

♦ increased to € 15,000 (for 1 child or a tax benefit of € 7,500) at 1 500 € for each additional child.

♦ € 20 000 (ie a tax benefit of € 10,000 / year) for people with disabilities (holder of a disability card at 80%) and the taxpayers who care for a person in possession of the same disability card or child eligible for the additional special education allowance.