Employment services checks

Baby Prestige employees can be paid in part or in whole with pre-financed CESU.
The CESU is a prefunded Universal Employment Cheque Services, all or part of the amount is funded by an organization and delivered to the beneficiaries. These organizations can be a company or a works council, a local authority, a pension fund, a mutual association, but also the state through the CAF and the job center.

It is the distributor of CESU checks that decides the amount it wants to fund. The balance remains the responsibility of the recipient. Check with these organizations to find out if you have the right to pre-financed CESU.

Note: Only the part that you fund the CESU entitles the tax reduction. The financing provided by the organization will be indicated on the certificate issued by it to the recipient for the annual tax return.

More information at: http://www.servicesalapersonne.gouv.fr