Family Benefits Fund (CAF)

To qualify for the Family Benefits Fund (called CAF), you must first create a recipient application file:

• Proof of child (ren)
• Proof of residence in France
• Residence permit 

To benefit from the PAJE (Family Benefits Fund through the CAF for families who have a child under 6 years old), you must:

• Use childcare services least 16 hours per month.
• Have a professional activity that offers a at least € 389.20 of monthly income if you are alone and € 778.40 if you live in couple.
• If you are self-employed and work part-time, you must complete an income requirement.
• The amount of aid depends on your income, number of children and their age. A minimum of 15% of the expenditure will always be your responsibility.

This aid may be combined with other CAF benefits under certain conditions. You can contact your local office or visit their website for more information.

We also found this booklet quite helpful (in English).