Zoe K. 1

Zoe K.

Friendly, fun and responsible child-carer. An ideal babysitter for your kids, who loves to sing, play and dance with children, while setting strong boundaries and rules where they can feel safe. 

Date of birth: 06/02/1989
Nationality: Australian
I work in: London.
Mother tongue: English
I speak fluently: English 

Diplomas: Diploma of  Education in Primary Teaching
Masters of Acting – Royal Central School of Speech and Drama


April 2019- present day 
I pick up the girls Simone (4 years old) and Remi (2 years old)from nursery and take them to the park to play and eat a snack. We walk home and spend time playing in their play room. I prepare dinner, bath and clothe them. I also changing Remi’s nappy, comfort them if they hurt themselves and know how to react calmly if they have a tantrum or are upset. We always end with some bed time stories before they fall asleep. I put the baby to sleep by rocking her with a bottle of milk.

ANZ UK Education, London

November 2019 – present day 
I am a Primary School teacher specialising in Maths, Literacy, Science and Health. 
This involves all the usual tasks that I learnt in my degree of how to implement and lead lessons in a classroom. This includes time management, behaviour management and creating an interesting yet structured learning environment that is inclusive for all students.

Maggie and Rose: Family Members Club, Kensington, London

2019 – present day 
I am the party entertainer and host children’s parties for ages 2 -10 years old. I do magic tricks, songs and games to make a party fun for the birthday child and their guests. There is often a theme so I may be dressed as a princess, a pirate or a superhero and interact in a silly, fun and cheeky manner. I also coordinate the times of when the kids eat as well as prepare the candles for the cake and lead the happy birthday song. We always end with a bubble disco and the handing out of the party bags.

DadaABC – online teaching platform

September 2017 – June 2019. 
I was an online teacher teaching English as a second language to Chinese students from 4 – 12 years old. I used colourful props, music and toys to teach the children. Lessons were always lively and engaging and allowed the students to take full control of their learning.

Out of School Hours Care: Ivanhoe Primary School, Melbourne, Australia

March 2015 – December 2015.  
I supervised and implemented an after school activity program for primary school children aged 5 – 12 years old. This program could have up to forty school kids that would attend the after-school program. We would lead lots of activities including arts and crafts, drawing and colouring, knitting, sports and cooking. Often my role was to manage conflicts that had occurred between children and to teach them emotional intelligence skills when interacting with their peers.

Private Nannying – Paris, France

February 2011 – June 2011.
I lived with a family with a 10 and 13 years old. 
I made breakfast with the kids every morning and walked them to school. In the afternoon I would pick them up, play, make them a snack and help them with their homework. I would then prepare the dinner and make sure they had showered before their mother got home. Other tasks would involve taking them to weekend sport activities and events.

About me: I grew up in a loving family of four kids. I have an elder sister, a younger sister and a younger brother. I love The Arts because I spent much time doing dance, music and acting classes growing up. This is surely due to my parents encouraging us to express ourselves creatively which has meant I am now an actress and musician. I also love cooking, travelling and discovering foreign countries and cultures. The Theatre, yoga and reading are my favourite leisure activities.