Marie-France A.

Marie-France A.

Ref. 9030

Warm and energetic, I am eager to look after your children. In order to imagine and create games in fun and educational way. I believe that a good environment is an integral part of teaching a child

Date of birth: 14/09/1996
Nationality: French
I work in: The South of France and Abroad
Mother tongue: French
I speak fluently: English
I am beginner : German

Diplomas: First Aid Certificate

Driver’s licence, category B/I don’t have a car.

From January 2011 to current : I am looking after babies/children from 4 months to 12 years old. I had the opportunity to work in the hotels and within private households for high profiles families who spend their holiday in the South of France. Full-time or Part-time and on some occasions (early in the morning/late in the night). I provided a permanent and a constant care to the child safety, well-being and care. And I able to keep up with all childcare duties such as morning/evening routine, feeding, changing, bathing, preparing food and teaching good manners through, playing and organizing Indoor, Outdoor and educational activities such as, Playdough modeling and play, jump rope, soap bubble game etc.

From September 2017 to April 2018 : I worked as a tutor for a boy who is 12 years old. In order to help him with all subjects (French, English and Spanish subjects, History subject, Sciences and Maths subject). His homework, practicing before a test and improve his memory.

From July 2016 to September 2016 : I worked full-time as a holiday nanny and live-in for a family from Saudi Arabia who spent their holidays in Europe. I was responsible for looking after a little boy of 2 years old. My duties were : washing and bathing the child every morning and every night, changing nappies, potty training, planning activities, preparing and tidying children’s clothes, be able to Prepare children’s suitcases at the last minute, every day I had to prepare the children’s backpacks, the stroller and any needs, cooking and feeding specifics and healthy meals, snacks, preparing bottles of milk, stimulating their own imaginary, staying at the hotel, the family’s yacht and theirs houses.

From August 2012 to January 2016 : I took care of two children of 7 and 4 years old for 5 years. I was working on weekends, when the parents were travelling to abroad, on Wednesday taking them to all the activities, lessons (ballet, swimming, piano etc) and some babysitting.

From January 2011 to February 2017 : I took care for 7 years for a girl of 5 years old. This was a part-time role, some evenings baby-sitting and on holidays. My duties were: washing and bathing the child, cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, helping and supervising homework, getting the child to bed, staying with the girl before to sleep. In outdoor activities, we were biking at the Promenade des Anglais, going to the caroussel, going out to the park with the dog. And in indoors activities we played cards (UNO, famillies games), doll, art and craft and we watched Frozen.

On January 2011 : During one week, I did an internship at school, in kindergarten as a childminder. It was an experience very rewarding from a personal viewpoint. I really enjoyed this internship. My duties were : helping the school teacher, teaching children new words and phonetic sounds, French custom such as la galette des rois and the world environment, create stories, drawing and singing school songs, supervise lunch and break. This internship has been very beneficial.

About me : I grew up in a family of four children. I am the youngest, I have two elder sisters and a younger brother. I swim for a Club since I am 12 years to 16 years. I am still swimming 3 times a week by my own, I also love to dance Zumba, to cook, watching movies and shows on Netflix and to travel. I enjoy simple things in life and my family is my biggest treasure.I have very strong life principles and I believe in Mutual Respect.