Livie F.

Livie F.

Ref. 9630

Date of birth: 17/02/1995
Places of intervention:
Paris and worldwide
Mother tongue:
I speak fluently :

BAFA (2005)

March-July 2018 : 
Picking the children up from school, taking them to their activities, homework monitoring, supervising of shower/bath times, organising of educational activities : reading, crafts-related games, music, play dates ; meal preparation and/or heating

March-June 2018 : Extracurricular team leader in Kindergarden for children aged 2,5-5. Supervising of meal and nap times, of the playgound area as well as afternoon recreational activities such as music or other developmental games (puzzles, construction games, etc.)

2011-2012 : Sunday school team leader in Brussels, Belgium for children aged 2-12. Organising and supervising of educational and faith-related activities : sunday school teaching, reading, crafts-related games, music, etc.

February 2010&2011 : Traveling team leader for a non-profit, New York City, U.S.A for disabled children aged 15-17.


April-August 2008 : I was Au pair in Sydney, Australia for 2 boys aged 2 and 9 and a girl aged 5. My job was to prepare school snacks, supervise of breakfast, shower and bath times;play with the children (reading, going to the park, to the library, ball games, painting, drawing, other crafts-related activities, doll/role-playing and cooking-related activities);and drive the kids to their activities.

2006-2007 : After-school nanny for twin girls aged 3 and a 8 years old boy. Picking the children up from school, taking themto their activities.

2004-2005 : After-school nanny for 1 girl aged 6 and 1 boy aged 11.

Summer 2004 : BAFA Internship, team leader in a football training center for boys aged 8-16. Supervision of the boys’ free time outside of training: organising and supervising of activities such as table football, football, collective games and lunch time

Personality wise, I believe to be creative, organized and reliable. I am gentle and caring but can be firm withthe child when needed. I am patient and also make sure to communicate with parents, so as to always work in agreementas far as the general development and education of the child is concerned. I also believe to have a “fun” and playful character. I am a fond believerin the uniqueness of each childand I therefore try to work with children in order to bring out and develop their uniqueness.