Aimelyne N.

Aimelyne N.

Ref. 9591

After 2 years of nursing school and over 10 years of experience, your children will be safe with me! I can also teach French to your children, I am a graduate of the Alliance française!

Date of birth: 12/02/1985
Nationality: French
Location: Paris
Mother tongue: French
Conversational language: English

Degrees: Nursing Assistant (2 years nursing school)
DAEFLE: diploma of aptitude for teaching French as a foreign language
Bachelor English/French as a foreign language in progress

Since February 2018: I care for 2 brothers of 15 months and a 3 years old at the end of the day. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, I go to the nursery to pick up the youngest child, then the oldest at school. Once home, I take care of the bath, make them dinner, prepare them to go to bed and play with them, tell them stories, comfort the little sorrows. I keep them until 11pm on Fridays, so I put them to bed on those nights. Sometimes I keep them for full days when they’re sick.
April 2016 to January 2017: In Vancouver, I taught French to children who went to bilingual schools. They were 8 and 13 years old, but I can also give lessons to younger children, as I’m a specialist in “teaching French to children” when I graduated from the Alliance française.
February to May 2017: I worked in an elementary school during lunch hours. I took care of a first grade class, accompanied them to wash their hands before taking them to the school canteen. I supervised the meal, helped those who needed it, before accompanying them in the courtyard, organising games (prisoners’ ball, football, etc.) until the time classes restarted.
In July and August 2015: I was a full-time nanny in a shared custody for 2 boys aged 2 and 3. I would help them get ready in the morning with one of the children, take them to the park, the pool, play with them in the garden or at home. I prepared lunch, managed the meal before accompanying them for a nap. After the snack, I took the bus with them to go to the other family, where I usually organized activities in the garden before the parents returned.
October 2013 to March 2015: I would pick up a 9-year-old child from school, then help him with his homework, along with his 12-year-old brother. I made them dinner and played board games with them. On Wednesdays, I accompanied them to their music and sports classes, played in the garden with them, accompanied them to their friends.
March 2010 to October 2010: I was working full-time with 2 15-month twins. I prepared them in the morning, told them stories, played with them, took them out to the park. After lunch I put them to bed, did their laundry.
October 2012 to September 2013: I would pick up 2 brothers and sisters aged 3 and 5 at school, look after them until the parents returned after dinner.
March 2006 to September 2008: I kept 2 brothers aged 2 and 5 full time