Priscila C. 1

Priscila C.

I am a baby-sitter that loves caring for children and like to use creativity to build activities according to each age.

Date of birth: 27/1/1988
Nationality: Brazilian
I work in: Paris and its suburbs
Mother tongue: Portuguese.
I speak fluently: English, French.

Diplomas: Master 2 in Management and tourism development of heritage.

July 2020 to currently: I baby sit for a baby of 1 year old and her brother of 7 years old. I give the baby her bottles as indicated previously by her parents and the snacks or meal to the other child.  I change her diapers and give them both a bath when her mother instructs me to do so. We mostly stay and play at home but when I baby sit during the day we go to the park if it’s not raining or too cold.

September 2016 to March 2018: I was a nanny of 4 adorable kids. 2 twin girls of 4 years old, a boy of 7 and a teenager girl of 14 years old. I used to pick them up at school every day, take them to some external activities such as tennis and music class, play at the park, give them a snack, assist them with their homework, give them bath and prepare the meal for the whole family according to the available ingredients and to their wishes. When the parents arrived late, I used to read books and tell stories to them before putting them to sleep. I also had the opportunity to travel with them and take care of them plus their 3 cousins for one summer.

September 2016 to January 2017: I did a few baby sittings for a family with 2 kids of 7 and 9 years old during evenings and weekends. I used to give them dinner, play with them, watch some movie when their parents have done that instruction and put them to bed. They used to like helping me preparing dinner by setting up the table, helping me to read a recipe, mixing things (all under my supervision and with the correct security measures of course).

About me: I am a Brazilian that moved to Paris to learn French and to study for a master’s degree. I love kids since I was one, reason why I decided to work as a nanny when I first arrived here. I love cooking, visiting museums, seeing orchestras, and doing CrossFit. I lived in NY, Los Angeles, Perth-Australia and in a cruise-ship so obviously I love travelling as well. During my free time, I like to rest at home reading a good book.