Nosikaa J.

Dynamic, patient and serious, I offer a variety of activities to keep your child actively entertained until you return!

Date of birth: 05/16/1995
Nationality: French
Place of intervention: Paris & Nice
Mother tongue: French
Good knowledge of: English and Italian

Vehicle in Nice

Since April 2016 : I work in agencies to take care of children from 2 and 10 years old at home, in hotels, or to assist parents in their family outings (Club Med, Disney, weddings).

From May 2012 to December 2015: I have babysit for several families reached on the Internet . I offered many activities such as basic outings to the beach or swimming pool. I organize different activities and outings depending on the child profil. If your child is dynamic, we can make outings to the park (roller skate/bicycle/ accompaniment to a kindergarten). If he is the curious type, we can visit museums or zoos. I can adapt to profiles and ages!

Since 2007 to today: I take care of my little brother (born in 2001) at home during all school holidays while my parents work. During school year I take him to school and pick him up. As a cook amateur, I also prepare varied and balanced dishes for my little brother when my parents go on vacation.