Agathe T. 1

Agathe T.

“Currently in a work-study program at Hermès in Human Resources, I have always strived to take care of children in a constructive and educational way.”

Date of Birth : 05/02/1997
Nationality : French
On-site intervention : Paris
Mother tongue : French and Russian
Other languages : English
Notions in German

Diplomas: Initiation First Aid Children and Infants (IPSEN) via the Red Cross – September 2019

No driving licence

Since 2009: I have been taking care of children from 6 months old in different families. I really enjoy playing with kids, reading them stories and organizing activities. During the evenings, I helped them with their homework, then gave them dinner, played with them, sang songs to them and put them to bed. I will be keen to accompany children through Paris and make them discover its many cultural places.
I have took care up to four children in the same time, of all ages.

2017-2018: Following my two years of preparatory class, I gave tutoring to three students of the first and the final year of school (mathematics, economics and methodology) and followed them throughout the year.

2011-2012: I took care of two 2-year-old twins for a week at their vacation spot. From the moment they woke up till the moment they went to bed, I was with them and fed them, played with them, organized activities, took care of dinner and bedtime.
I also looked after three children during school holidays. Reading, board games, drawings and walks were in the programme.